It is not hard for us to look at our lives and our history and see the faithfulness and power of God. If we’re honest, we can just as easily see our weakness and failure. We are all a beautifully messy mixture of faith and failure. The people of Zechariah’s time were no different than we are. They were God’s people and belonged to Him, but their lives were scarred with disobedience and their relationship with God was severely damaged. They were constantly reminded of these truths as they looked upon the ruins of Jerusalem as they returned from exile. God had allowed them to return home, but everything that resembled home had been destroyed as a result of disobedience. God’s message to His people was not one of condemnation or a reminder of their failures. God’s message was one of love and hope. Though His people had failed and their faith hung by a thread, God held them tightly and reminded them that He would never let them go. Zechariah truly brought hope to the hopeless.

We invite you to join us on Sundays at 6:00 pm beginning September 16 as we discover the beauty of God’s message of hope and restoration to His broken children in the book of Zechariah.