What If?

Many times we begin a new year hoping that good things will happen. We hope that we will grow in our relationship with God. We hope that our families will grow stronger. We hope that people in our community will begin a relationship with Jesus. We hope that God will put the broken pieces of our lives back together again. We hope for many good things; unfortunately, far too often our hopes do not lead us to any kind of action. But what if this year was different? What if this year we actually took steps to turn our hopes into reality? What if?

You see, our faith is far too important to leave to chance. Our marriages and children are far too important to not pursue intentionally. Eternity is far too important for us to just hope that others will simply figure it out. The life and ministry to which God has called us is far too important for us to only hope. After all, our hope should always lead us to action.

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