We live in a world that is dominated by opinion. Don’t misunderstand. Opinions are important, but opinions are constantly changing. Something that may be embraced by public opinion today may be completely rejected by the same public opinion in the near future. Because opinions are always changing, we really cannot build our lives on the opinions of others. In truth, we cannot even build our lives on our own opinions because even they are constantly changing. We need an unchanging, reliable, and trustworthy truth upon which we can build our lives.

There really is only one unchanging, reliable, and trustworthy truth in this world, and that truth is the Bible. At First Baptist, we believe that the Bible is the perfect and holy Word of God that reveals God and His plan for our lives to us. So when you worship with us, you can be certain that our teaching will be focused on helping us all understand the Bible better and how its truth should impact our lives today. Our philosophy of teaching is actually quite simple. Through the drama, conversation guides, and other tangible reminders we seek to allow the unchanging truth of the Bible to transform our lives so that our lives become more closely aligned with God’s plan for us. The scrolling images above represent a few of the recent, current, and future teaching series led by Pastor Jason as part of our weekly worship services. Simply click on any one of those images to be linked to a page with more information on that series, including links to podcast recordings of Pastor Jason’s messages from that series. You can click here to be taken to an archived list of Pastor Jason’s previous series, including links to the full series description and a link to the podcast recordings from the series.

We also understand that this text alone can only help you understand our philosophy of teaching to a degree. That is why we podcast Pastor Jason’s teaching from each of our Sunday morning and evening worship services. You can click here to be taken to our podcast website that contains the audio recordings.