Spiritual Disciplines

Superficiality is the greatest threat to our faith. Let’s unpack that statement for a moment. Superficiality is when the outside appearance of something is significantly different from the inside reality. When it comes to our faith, superficiality is when we have the outward appearance of godliness but the core of who we are (our heart, mind, and actions) remain unchanged by the faith we profess. This is not the life Jesus died to give us, and it is not the life we should accept as normal. We all can sense that there is something more, something deeper in our spiritual lives, but how do we get there? How can we actually grow spiritually? How can we live the life we were always meant to live? The answer is not found in the newest, shiniest fad. The answer is a return to the spiritual disciplines of centuries ago. Make no mistake; these disciplines have no magical powers. These disciplines simply bring you into the presence of the God who loves you and desires to transform your life into the full and fulfilling life He created you to enjoy.

We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am beginning June 23 as we rediscover the simple spiritual disciplines that have transformed millions of lives over dozens of centuries because these spiritual disciplines are the keys to spiritual growth!