It often happens without us even realizing that it occurred. It wasn’t something we planned or a place we wanted to go. It just somehow happened. We never sought to make our faith the comfortable and sterile routine that we so often experience. We had plans for our faith to change the world. Now it seems as though our faith has become predictable, safe, and culturally acceptable. This was not the way our faith began.

Jesus was anything but predictable, and following Him was anything but safe. Jesus was never concerned with being culturally acceptable as He constantly challenged everything the people thought they knew about God. His life and His teaching stood in such stark contrast to the world around Him that they began to view Jesus as nothing less than scandalous. After all, His methods were different. Social status did not impact Him. His followers were a rather rash band of misfits. Even Jesus’ murder was seeded by betrayal and hate, while His resurrection was covered up. Perhaps, the leaders of Jesus’ day were right about one thing. When compared to the world around Him, Jesus’ absolute faith and obedience was nothing short of scandalous.

Join us on Sunday mornings beginning on February 25, 2018 as we begin a journey toward Easter by examining the scandalous ministry of Jesus. Perhaps our faith can follow His example and become a bit scandalous as well. We look forward to taking this journey with you beginning February 25!