The book of Ruth is beautifully warm and profoundly human. Its brief pages are filled with a down-to-earth story with which we can easily identify and in which we can easily see ourselves. Our hearts go out to poor Naomi whose life has been battered by the tragic blows of life as we remember the painful bruises life has dealt us. We are quick to admire Ruth’s character, commitment, and courage as we seek to mimic those traits in our lives. We are overwhelmed with the graciousness and generosity of Boaz even as we wonder how much life would be different if we all demonstrated more of his qualities. God’s movement in and through the lives of these ordinary people reveals the power and beauty of His redeeming love flowing through His people.

We invite you to join us Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm beginning June 20 for a reminder of the power of God’s redeeming love as He turns tragedy into joy in the book of Ruth. We look forward to seeing you there!