Online Giving

Life can be complicated at times, but giving shouldn’t be. We understand that understand that many of us don’t always carry checkbooks or cash with us. Many of us pay for our coffee, our groceries, and even our tickets to events with our credit or debit cards. Many of us have our electric or car insurance bills automatically withdrawn from our checking account each month so we don’t get busy and forget to write a check. Now you have the opportunity to give toward God’s work through First Baptist using the same tools you use every day!

First Baptist has partnered with Give+ by Vanco to offer online giving as a giving option to you! Through Give+ you can make a one-time contribution or you can schedule a recurring contribution so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to give. You can contribute one-time gifts toward missions offerings or you can even pay for your child to go to camp. The possibilities are endless!

While there are endless possibilities, there are two primary ways for you to utilize online giving through Give+. If you would like to utilize Give+ through your mobile device (smart phone or tablet), simply go to the App Store (Apple) or Google Marketplace (Android) and download the free Give+ app. Once downloaded, you will be asked to enter the church’s zip code (72560). Then select First Baptist Church of Mountain View and follow the instructions to set up your account.

If you would like to utilize Give+ through your computer, simply click here. You will be connected to an online Give+ site created especially for First Baptist.

If you are concerned about the fees involved in online giving, we understand. Almost every online transaction has some kind of fee involved in it. With Give+ you have the option to contribute a little extra to help offset those fees. One other note, Give+ accepts both credit and debit cards, and there really is no way for the program to determine the difference. At First Baptist, we encourage you to be very cautious in your use of credit cards and choose to use either your debit card or an ACH (direct withdraw from your checking account) transaction instead. We want online giving to be a tool to help you give faithfully rather than a tool to incur personal debt.