First Baptist is definitely a missions-minded church. A portion of every dollar that is given to our church goes to support worldwide missions through the Cooperative Program. Through this participation, our church supports local, state, national, and worldwide missions and over 9,000 missionaries on a regular basis. In addition to this regular giving, our church gives special offerings on an annual basis. We support international missions through the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, national missions through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and Arkansas missions through the Dixie Jackson missions offering. FBC is a strong supporter of all of these offerings doing work beyond our walls and to cooperate with the over 46,000 other Southern Baptist churches in America. Our church has also been going to help construct church buildings across America in the past several years. We have gone to Tennessee, Georgia, Kansas (twice), and we are returning to Tennessee in July of 2016 to help construct a first building for a new congregation. FBC also has several trained personnel who are ready to respond through Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, and our church is stocked and ready to assist in the event of a local emergency. Is God asking you to get involved and to serve in missions? Come serve with us!