Senior Pastor // Jason Ingram

God brought us to serve at First Baptist in September 2016 after serving churches in Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Without question, one of the greatest gifts in my life is my wife Adrienne, who I married in December 2000. Adrienne is a gifted musician and will do just about anything to help anyone. She is my best friend and being near her is my favorite thing in the world. In December 2003, God blessed us with our daughter Micaela, who loves to read and is a very good young musician. A few years later in April 2006, God blessed us with our second daughter Alyssa, who is party waiting to happen and a great young artist. In September 2007, God blessed us with our son Jonathan, who is “all boy” and has one of the most tender hearts I have ever encountered. You will often find our family hanging out together watching movies, trying to talk Adrienne into making cookies, or playing with our older chocolate Cocker Spaniel named Brownie.

I never really grew up in church so my life changed pretty dramatically when I began my relationship with Jesus as a college student who was involved with the proverbial “party scene.” Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma, I was familiar with the teachings of the Bible. I was always drawn to the Jesus that I read about in its pages, but I struggled to see Him in people who claimed to know Him. All of that changed when God brought a group of people into my life through intramural basketball and an old pool table. You see, in this group of people I encountered people who were passionately following Jesus Christ. I could actually see the Jesus I read about in the Bible living in and through their lives. Seeing Jesus in them changed my life forever.

No matter where you are in life, I can tell you from personal experience that God loves you enough to meet you right where you are. I can also tell you that He loves you too much to leave you where you are. If you ask Him, Jesus can and will transform your life. Your life is far too important and too precious to leave to chance. We would love nothing more than to help connect you with Jesus and with others who can help you on the journey of life.

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