Everyday we encounter people who need to experience the love of Jesus. Everyday we enter situations that need to be transformed by the light of the gospel. Everyday God places these people and situations in our path, and far too often these people and situations remain unchanged because we remained unengaged. For far too long, we have witnessed the brokenness of the world around us and waited for someone else to pray, to demonstrate love, to share hope, and…well…to do something. Perhaps, the person we have been waiting for is the one gazing back at us from the mirror. You see, each and every day God provides you with opportunities to impact people and situations with the life-changing power of the gospel, but you will only make an impact when you act. You will only make an impact when you engage your world with the power of the gospel.

Beginning Sunday morning, August 19, we invite you join us as we rediscover the truth that, “I can only make an impact when I act.” We can’t wait to engage our world with you!