I’m All Alone

“I will give you [plural] every place where you [plural] set your foot…”  Joshua 1:3

The second act of the musical Monty Python’s Spamalot features a song called “I’m All Alone.”  By this point in the story, King Arthur has reached a point of despair:  The Holy Grail is out of reach, and he feels all alone.  The stage begins to grow dark, but in the spotlight King Arthur begins to lament his desperate loneliness in song.  The audience, however, begins to laugh because, while the king cries out about being alone, his servant, Patsy is standing right beside him with an exasperated look on his face.  The king is not alone; his faithful servant has remained by his side the entire play.  As King Arthur begins to sing the chorus again, “I’m all alone,” Patsy echoes, “except for me.”  Through the remainder of the song, Arthur and Patsy go back and forth: “I’m all alone” (Arthur)…”although I’m here” (Patsy)…”So all alone” (Arthur)…”So very near” (Patsy).  By the end of the song, the duo has been joined by all of King Arthur’s knights.  The audience witnesses a stage full of people all singing out that they are alone.

Many of us are just like Arthur.  Though we are surrounded by others, we function as though we are all alone.  Whereas Arthur’s confusion is simply comical, our confusion is a tragedy.  You see God created us to live in relationship – both with Him and with one another.  We were never wired to do it on our own.  There is no picture of a Lone Ranger Christ-follower anywhere in Scripture.  If we are going to possess God’s promise we must go together.  We must check our egos and our worship of independance at the door and realize that we absolutely need one another.

If you feel as though you are all alone on your journey with Christ, let me tell you lovingly that you are wrong.  Let me encourage you to stop singing your sad song for a few moments and look around you.  Chances are you will find others right beside you singing the same song whom you never would have noticed if you had not stopped singing your song.

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