I Choose

The world is watching us. They are not watching us like some creepy stalker, but they are watching us. They are watching to see whether our faith is real. They are watching to see if faith has really changed us. They are watching us to see if the forgiveness, hope, life, and love the gospel promises is really evident in our lives. They are watching us and evaluating Jesus based on what they see. Our choices have an eternal impact because our choices are surrounded by watching eyes. What do they think when they look at your life? How might their impression of Jesus be different if they saw you intentionally choosing God’s way instead of the world’s way? You see, your life is powerful. Your choices are powerful. Your life and your choices can lead others to Jesus. But your impact will be determined by how you finish this sentence, “Today, I choose…”

We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings beginning April 28 as we rediscover the impact of choosing to intentionally live our faith. We cannot wait to take this journey with you!