Our lives are made up of a series of moments. Some of those moments may seem monumental at the time, and others may seem rather insignificant. Yet, it is those moments and the decisions we make in those moments that shape our lives and the lives of others. You see, the decisions we make in those moments can turn our lives in one direction or another as though our lives were hung on a hinge. The way we respond to those hinge moments determine whether we will grow closer to God and one another or whether we will swing farther from Him. These hinge moments determine the path of our life, the strength of our families, and the impact of our legacy. A single phone call, one doctor’s appointment, a chance encounter, a time of worship – each of these moments and countless others become the hinges on which our life moves and changes direction. One moment really can change everything.

Join us as we journey through eight critical hinge moments in the Bible. As we examine these eight moments, we will begin to see how those moments impacted the world, and how our decisions in our own hinge moments may be just as impactful. The power of a moment can change everything!

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