FBC Intern Information


Along with the Internship Application, a letter of recommendation from your current pastor will be required as well as 3 references.


  • Worship, Media, and Production
  • Student Ministry (Middle School and High-School)
  • Children’s Ministry (VBS & other Activities)
  • Extra Hands (For General Ministry moments involving students such as VBS, camps, etc.)


  • Assist the ministry leader in shaping the vision of the ministry as a member of the leadership team. This includes weekly leadership team meetings.
  • Lead and mentor in a small group setting.
  • Help with the general administrative needs of the ministry.
  • Engage in outside ministry activities like community functions, etc.
  • Be available and visible to the students who will be craving your attention.


As recommended by similar intern programs, including the E4 program offered by the ABSC, Over a span of 12 weeks, First Baptist Church would be able to offer a salary, not to exceed $3,240, with a 30-hour average work week (coming out to be $9/hr or $270 per week). All travel and food expenses would not be covered by First Baptist Church unless it was a part of a planned church trip/function. (NOTE: FBC can potentially support 2 interns)


  • Personal devotions.
  • Attendance to and active participation in all events, meetings, appointments and services.
  • Mandatory participation in one/two off-campus trips: (Church camp and or Ministry Conference)
  • Dating: The purpose of our internship is focused on the pursuit of the Lord, intensive discipleship, and rapid spiritual growth. We recommend that you avoid as many distractions as possible during the weeks of your employment and put your relationships on hold. We believe that your relationships will be stronger by spending this time fully focused on God.
  • Employment: The internship needs appropriate commitment in order to be completed successfully. It is recommended to plan ahead and budget your money for the duration of the internship. If you must keep a job you are still required to attend and participate in all Internship activities. Your work schedule should be worked around your internship duties not the other way around.
  • Facebook and other social media: Refrain from using Facebook or other social media for the following: slander, gossip, political views, venting, crude or sexual jokes, and the like. Interns should also avoid petty arguments, disputes and quarreling as they are unbiblical and are counter-productive for what this internship is all about. (Titus 3:9, 2 Timothy 2:22-26)
  • Personal appearance: Interns are expected to uphold a clean, modest, and non-distracting appearance in their dress for all meetings, services, and gatherings.
  • Any other church-related duties as needed.