It is so hard to imagine that the God who spoke the entire universe into existence would choose to use terribly imperfect people like us to tell the world of His relentless love for them. When we consider at all the skeletons in our closets and all the imperfections that dominate our lives, it can become so easy to miss this great mission to which God has called us. But God knows all the stories behind those skeletons, and He understands our imperfections better than we could ever imagine. Knowing all of those things, He has still chosen to work through ordinary people just like us. It may seem a bit overwhelming, but our God has a funny way of doing extraordinary things through very ordinary people so that the whole world would know that He is an extraordinary God.

If you’ve ever wondered how God could ever choose you, then we invite you to a journey you do not want to miss! Beginning Sunday morning, May 13, 2018, we begin a journey to better understand how eternity can be radically impacted when ordinary people just like us are used by an extraordinary God.