Esther is one of the most unique book of the Bible. Esther was a beautiful young woman who had completely embraced much of the Persian culture in which she lived. She seems like such an unexpected heroine. She seems to be such an unlikely candidate to be used to protect God’s people from being destroyed. But God works in mysterious ways, and He had perfectly prepared and positioned Esther to be used by Him to save His people. He had orchestrated everything for such a time as this. Despite the clear hand of God throughout the story of Esther, God’s hand remains hidden as any direct reference to Him is shockingly absent from Esther’s story. Make no mistake though, even though God’s name is not mentioned, His hand is clearly working – even if it remains somewhat hidden. Esther’s story reminds us of how powerfully God is always working around us, even when His name remains unspoken and His hand remains hidden.

We invite you to join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm beginning April 10 as we study God’s hand at work through the book of Esther!