For more than three years the disciples had been with Jesus, walking with Him and hearing everything He had to say. Yet Jesus told them that He needed to leave them so that the Holy Spirit could comeā€”and that they would be better off because of it. If this was true of the disciples, who spent every day with Jesus, how much more do we need the Holy Spirit actively involved in our lives today?

Sadly, for many of us the Spirit is mysterious, misunderstood, and often misrepresented leaving us to simply acknowledge His existence while believing that understanding Him would be like trying to capture the wind in a bottle. This leaves us clueless about who the Spirit is and how He expresses Himself to us. To be sure, the Spirit is mysterious, but He is also all-powerful God who can bring order out of chaos and transform even the most heinous person into a child of God. The Author of life really is the Transformer of life.

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