Life can appear overwhelmingly complicated at times as the pressures of work, family, finances, health, and the world all come together to twist our lives into something far different than the life Jesus came to bring us. Sometimes those pressures can even overwhelm our relationship with God. While God certainly created us to be complex individuals, He never desired for our relationship with Him to be complicated. In fact, God created us to enjoy a constantly growing and ever-deepening relationship with Him. How would life be different if we could quiet all the noise and remove all the distractions so we could simply focus on the basic elements of a strong faith? You see, these building blocks of a strong faith really are not complicated. They are simple elements that can transform our lives and our faith, but we will never be transformed until we choose to focus on these building blocks of a strong faith.

Join us on Sunday mornings beginning August 20 as we examine eight critical elements that provide us with the building blocks of a strong faith. As we study each of these building blocks, we will discover that growing a strong faith really isn’t complicated when we focus on the right elements. Make plans to join us on the journey as we discover the building blocks of a strong faith!