What does it mean for a person to be a deacon? Almost every church has deacons who serve faithfully in any number of roles. However, there are often just as many different understandings of what a deacon is as there are churches that have deacons. In some churches, deacons assist the pastor and ministerial staff in a variety of ways. In other churches, deacons serve as a governing board with almost absolute power over all aspects of the life of the church. While traditions, preferences, and personal experience vary widely, God did not leave us to figure out this incredibly important ministry on our own. When we examine Scripture, we quickly discover that at the center of a Biblical deacon is a servant’s heart.

At First Baptist, we are blessed with a wonderful group of men serving as deacons. However, as the church continues to grow, our need for their ministry grows as well. Rather than focusing on our varied traditions, preferences, and personal experience, beginning Sunday evening July 16, we invite you to join us on an incredibly important three-week journey into the Bible to discover exactly what it means to be a deacon.