The book of Daniel is both very familiar and yet very mysterious to most people. The stories of a fiery furnace and Daniel in the lions’ den are commonplace in children’s books. In fact, some of the stories from the first part of Daniel have become familiar even to those far from the faith. The second part of Daniel, however, is far more mysterious. Filled with complicated visions of the future, the second part of Daniel has long been a source of interpretation, speculation, and fear.

We do not need to fear either the familiar or the mysterious. Throughout the familiar portions of Daniel, we are reminded about the importance and difficulty of living godly lives in an ungodly land. We see God’s constant protection of Daniel and his friends. We are also reminded of how often and easily we compromise our faith with the world around us. Throughout the mysterious portions of Daniel, we constantly see the presence of God over and above all of the confusing and frightening things we encounter. We also see that we can trust Him with all the confusing and frightening things we encounter in our lives.

Whether the book of Daniel is familiar to you or whether it is quite mysterious, we invite you to join us for a journey through the book of Daniel on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm beginning January 10 as we encounter godly living in an ungodly world.