1 Thessalonians

Sometimes our faith really is more caught than taught. Sometimes we don’t always know the right things to say or the right way to teach the truths of Scripture, but by the way we share our lives with those around us we are teaching more than we realize. This is true in our lives today, and it was true for the apostle Paul so many centuries ago. Severe persecution forced Paul and his team to flee Thessalonica just as the church filled with new believers was beginning. The church didn’t have the benefit of being mentored or learning as much from Paul as they had hoped. Yet, in spite of persecution and everything they lacked, the church not only survived but grew! The Thessalonians really did have a faith worth imitating.

You are invited to join us as Pastor Jason leads us in a study of 1 Thessalonians each Wednesday at 6:00 pm beginning August 22 so we can also have a faith worth imitating.