Friday, June 15

The First Baptist family invites you to be part of the Game On! Vacation Bible School team as we pray daily for different areas of the Game On! sports complex!

While our workers may not admit it, they are completely exhausted. This has been a busy week for them, and the physical exhaustion is not really a surprise. However, these workers have been doing Kingdom work all week. Through their crafts, songs, games, snacks, registration, missions, and simply being there, they have been the hands and feet of Jesus all week to these children. Simply put, our workers are likely spiritually and emotionally drained as well. This is often the lowest attendance day of VBS so discouragement can be a reality. Pray that God would refresh the heart, spirit, and body of each of our workers. Pray that God allows them to see the importance of their work. Pray for those children that may be still considering a relationship with Jesus! Pray that God would give them the courage to take that step of faith!

“They said, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household.'”
Acts 16:31

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